Sifa Design Group

We are a Design, Consulting and Integration firm that specializes in Architectural Design with a specialty in interactive technology that connects people and art. This includes Immersive Design, Acoustics, Audio, Video, Lighting, Broadcast & Conferencing Technology, Digital Signage, and Information Technology solutions. Our clients include Film, Broadcast & Recording professionals, Houses of Worship, Theatrical Facilities, Convention Centers, Government, Education Facilities, Museums, Commercial and High End Residential customers worldwide.

Our Secret

Our primary resource is our people! Our team is comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals with hands on experience in our respective disciplines. This diversity allows us to offer unsurpassed design & integration capabilities to all of our clients. We strive to connect with our clients’ and understand their short and long term vision in order to develop strategies that will not only give them the best tailored solution for their immediate needs, but give them room to grow.

Our Philosophy

We offer a unique perspective in a world saturated by technology, by taking complex and often intimidating systems and making them easy to understand and work with. We have learned that the end user is the most important component to a well-designed system, and our solutions need to be focused on making that experience effortless. We have chosen to work with the best in class manufacturers and technology partners, and those that believe in customer-centric practices. We aren’t afraid to think outside the box and innovate when the occasion arises. Our goal is to learn more and push our boundaries, by keeping an open mind and by striving to get better at what we do. We believe that if we focus on giving our clients the best value for their investment and put their interests first, we will in turn pave the way to success for them as well as for us.

Our Tools

We utilizes state of the art Computer Aided Design, Building Information Modeling, Electro Acoustic Modeling and Prediction, Lighting Simulation, and Various Lab quality Analysis tools to ensure the accuracy and performance of all our designs. This allows us to provide our clients with predictable state of the art performance, and the ability to develop solutions that meet all of their technological, aesthetic and budgetary needs. Our team members are highly experienced, and capable of handling any project we undertake across the globe. We work similarly to an architectural firm, allowing us to handle all design and development needs in one central area, and deploy our Consultants, Engineers, Installers and Project Managers wherever they are needed.

Our Vision

SDG has set precedence in the Audio-Video, Acoustics, Multimedia, and Lighting industry, and we strive to continue setting higher standard in the future. We are confident that our design and installation of your system will meet and exceed your every expectation. We are looking forward to the opportunity to add your organizations name to our growing list of satisfied clients.